Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An Eggseptional Tree

The complaint, "There is nothing to do in this town," is a common one. I always find something to do. In fact, my list of projects is never ending and it doesn't help that I am one of those people who start something, and then half way through, start something else. I have project ADD. I am still working on building that chicken coop, however, all the thought of chickens and eggs brought to mind Easter decorating. A visit to a scrap-booking store provided all the inspiration I needed to create this project:

My crafting method is not a pretty sight. Someday, I will have a craft-room complete with all those neat little cubbies with everything labeled and organized. For now, I have a kitchen table.

Supplies are simple. You'll need some plastic eggs, glue, old sheet music, and vintage sewing trims, i.e. lace, buttons, etc.  Decoupage plastic eggs with torn pieces of sheet music.

Once the egg has dried, you should end up with this.

As an avid garage saler and hoarder of vintage things, I have a collection of old sewing odds and ends. I used scraps of lace, buttons, and scrap-booking paper that has been cut using one of those cricket cutting machines.

Add trim or lace.

Next, add your paper pieces.

Embellish with vintage buttons. Oooh la la!

I finished the tops by gluing a loop of rick rack and covering the ends with a button so that the eggs can be hung from a tree.

This is the base of the branch I will use to hang the eggs. I used quickcrete and cemented the branch into the pot for stability.

I may have to trim this branch a bit--looks like I may have gotten carried away.

Design options are limitless.

I know, I really should be outside cutting wood for that coop, but this is so much fun!

And let's not forget what this holiday is really about.

Happy Easter!


  1. I really love how your eggs turned out. I would never have thought of the buttons and trim. Very lovely, great job 